Back Then (2010):

Although I occasionally go through covetous moments of Android and iPhone envy, I think it’s safe to say that I’m a Blackberry person. The thought of having to use a touch screen to text is incredibly off-putting for me. That said, I’m a big fan of the iPhone camera. I’ve always hoped Apple would do the right thing by us non-iPhone users and stick that awesome camera into the iPod. When they finally got around to it, we got stuck with the piece of crap that was stuffed (inexplicably) into the Nano the year before.

Luckily, I happen to have a friend who is an iPhone user. She was upgrading to the iPhone 4 and was willing to simply give away her old iPhone 3G. In exchange for lunch, I got what has become a glorified iPod Touch. No 3G. No service unless there’s WiFi, but damn it, there is a camera and Hipstamatic is installed. I named him Sexy Beast.

The iPhone camera has allowed me to do something that I’ve always found a bit daunting – photograph strangers without them knowing I’m doing so. I started a set on Flickr back when I first got the phone, and have been slowly adding to it.

Recently, I thought it might be nice to create a little Tumblog out of the idea, so I spent some time last night throwing it all together and now I’d love to share it:

You Sat Across From Me: A Subway Series

And Now (2017):

I’ve sinced moved to the iPhone platform. I’ve also migrated You Sat Across From Me over to Instagram, where I continue to cultivate this photograph series. I still maintain the Tumblog, though not as frequently anymore. You can find all of the original photos on Instagram. I make all new posts to Instagram, as well.

It’s been an interesting study to look back on, and continues to be a fun exercise.


i'll let you know when i figure it out.

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