Who is That Lala Girl?

Who is That Lala Girl?

I’m Rae – short for Rachel, and occasionally Raelala (hence “ThatLalaGirl”).

I’m a project manager, designer, photographer, traveler, coder, baker, and former teacher — not necessarily in that order. I live in Manhattan with my rescued Dachshund mix, Pretzel, both of which I love. I also love yellow curry, exploring abandoned buildings, strawberries, the works of Rene Magritte, chocolate, Eeyore, Typography, Venice, traveling, snow, Captain America (as portrayed by Chris Evans), and music… also not necessarily in that order. I have a BA in Graphic Design and an MA in Interactive Multimedia, and work as a project manager in New York City.

More of my work can be viewed on my Flickr stream, and occasionally here or on my Tumblr blog.

I’m also available for photoshoots in and around Manhattan, and occasionally elsewhere. Contact me at rachel@thatlalagirl.com if you’d like to discuss a project!

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  1. Hello Rae, I wrote you on the 19th, and I took an e.mail address directly from your Flickr profile, but I never got any reply from you. Im not sure if you weren’t interested in my message at all maybe..In any case, I still think a try it’s worth, so here I copy my first e.mail to you:

    Hello Rae, my name is Rossana and I run a magazine in Spain together with my husband. We are featuring a special dedicated to Dark Tourism since a few months ago and this time is Zentralfriedhof’s turn, and I was wondering if you would collaborate with us with some of your fantastic photos. We can’t pay since our publication is still in an early stage, but we’d credit you and include a link to your websites. I do it all by myself and its now 3 years that I haven’t seen a penny I tell you that much, but we put so much passion that I’m definitely expecting that the things change soon, or Im going mad otherwise 🙂

    I’ve also noticed that you are a professional photographer with quite an important career on your shoulders (when I first saw your Zentralfriedhof album I thought you were just another enthusiast of Photography like many other people at Flickr), so maybe in the future we can even count on you for other things…Dunno now if you can be interested or not, but its always good to have some new connections here in the net! 🙂 In a near future once our magazine has grown up more we are seriously thinking on having some collaborators around the world.

    Here you have the link to our magazine at ISSUU. I recommend the last 4 editions. The mag has improved a lot since then!


    Thank you very much for your attention. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

    **Oh well, and I think I forgot to say it…I can also offer you a report on our “International Photo Artist”, that would be a 8-10 pages report with an interview. You have such an interesting background and now that I’ve just discovered your blog here, I’m sure it will be awesome to have a female photographer like you on our pages.

    Rossana (aka Sugar Heels)

    Director and EIC of MOVE Magazine
    Barcelona, Spain

    +034 977 16 06 16
    +034 627 721 177

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