Last year, my friend Sarah introduced me to the wonder that is Dim Sum. Three of us went to Chinatown Brasserie, and ordered an insane smörgåsbord that included Soup Dumplings. Over about $200 and several hours later, I was officially a Dim Sum fan.

While the food was really delicious, the problem with Chinatown Brasserie is the price. The brasserie is a great place, and I loved it. It’s nice to go to for a special event, but Dim Sum isn’t supposed to cost $70 per person. Granted, there was alcohol involved, but subtract that and we’re still at about $50 each. I’ve been craving soup dumplings for over a year now. I’ve been to a few other Dim Sum spots, but none have had them on their menu.

A Chinatown Delight

Yesterday, I finally got my fix! My friend Reg and I discovered New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe. Tucked away on Bayard Street down in Chinatown, this gem is easy to miss unless you’re looking for it.

Soup Dumplings, At Last — Pork Soup Dumpling

We opted for the Pork Soup Dumplings over the pork and crab. From what I understand, this was the best decision ever. The pork had this incredible smokey flavor. The broth inside had a complementary smoked pork flavor. There were even bits of pork fat in it to add to the flavor.

Soup Dumplings, At Last — Dumpling Box

You get 8 soup dumplings for about $4.50 and it’s worth every penny. Especially since you pay $10 for the same 8 dumplings (or maybe fewer) at the Chinatown Brasserie.

We also tried the Steamed House Vegetable Dumping, which was fantastic with a very fresh taste. The veggies inside were bright and green and delicious. Sadly, I don’t have a photograph — maybe next time.

Lastly, we tried the Steamed Mushroom and Vegetable bun. This was our least favorite item, though not for lack of taste. I forgot that “bun” meant that everything would be stuffed into a VERY bready shell. It was a bit too much bread for either of us. The inside was just as delicious as that of the veggie dumpling, however. Fresh, green, yummy mushrooms.

Soup Dumplings, At Last — Steamed Mushroom and Vegetable Bun

…We left the buns behind.

All in all, this place was excellent. It’s a small, but decent size, very clean, and the service was efficient. Complementary tea, as with most Dim Sum restaurants, was on the table right away. The tea was also really good! No bitter after taste, even without sweetener! They also serve a small dish of roasted peanuts, which I’ve never seen done before, but was pretty cool.

Our bill was about $13.00 — not at all bad for the amount of food we received.


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