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Food, glorious food! Food, around the world and at home. Dining out, dining in, cooking, recipes — here is where I talk about things to eat, both good and bad.


Dinner at Del Posto

A few weeks ago, my friend Reg and I were talking about restaurants and food and I mentioned that I’d really been wanting to go to the very high-end Batali/Bastianich owned Del Posto. Imagine my happiness when Reg said that she’d been really wanting to go there as well! Being...


Soup Dumplings, At Last

Last year, my friend Sarah introduced me to the wonder that is Dim Sum. She took me and a friend of ours to Chinatown Brasserie, and we ordered an insane smörgåsbord of dumplings and things, including Soup Dumplings. over about $200 and several hours later, I was officially a Dim...